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Apply for and manage your permit

Most construction projects will require you to have permits and other approvals before you can begin or manage any work that is underway.

Types of permits and approvals

Below is a list of the construction-related permits and approvals that are required depending on your project. 

Getting construction approval

Building permit

Building permits in Vancouver are usually required for building or renovating. Read the requirements, learn about the bylaw, and download the application.

Development permit

There are different types of development permits in Vancouver for different situations. Read the specifics, download the forms, and find contact info.

Demolition permit

Demolishing a building in Vancouver often requires at least one permit. Find out the requirements for your project, including for reusing and recycling demolition materials.

Water and sewer connection permit

A water and sewer connection permit allows you to connect your new property with the City's water, sanitary, and stormwater sewer services. Find out when you need the permit.

Sign permit

Most signs in Vancouver require a permit under the Sign Bylaw. Read the requirements, view the bylaw, and download the application for a sign permit.

Tree removal permit

The tree removal permit allows you to take out, move, or replace trees on your property. Review the steps to getting this permit.

Alternative solutions

Alternative solutions (“equivalencies”) allow for flexibility in building construction. Read the requirements, view the fees, and more.

Underground storage tank removal or abandonment permit

Underground storage tanks that haven't been used for two years must be removed. Find out the benefits of removing a UST, how to detect one on your property, and how to get a permit to remove it or safely abandon it in place.

Solar photovoltaic panels

Learn about the permit process to install solar photovoltaic panels on your home.

Artesian wells and aquifers

In some areas of south Vancouver, flowing artesian conditions require specific professional expertise. An October 2017 advisory from the Province of BC cautions that you and your contractors may risk flooding, damage, and expenses if you drill without due diligence.

Trade permits

Electrical permit

You will need an electrical permit to perform most electrical work except for replacing switches, bulbs, and making minor repairs to an installation covered by an existing annual electrical permit.

Fire sprinkler permit

You will need a fire sprinkler permit to install a new or make changes to an existing fire sprinkler system.

Plumbing and gas permits

You will need a plumbing permit and gas permit to install, change, or upgrade any part of a plumbing or gas system.

Managing and completing your project


Book or cancel an electrical, plumbing, building, fire sprinkler, gas, or sidewalk inspection for your construction or renovation project.

Occupancy permit

An occupancy permit is needed for most new buildings, and for some existing buildings. The permit confirms the building is safe and complies with bylaws and building codes.

Noise bylaw exception permit

A noise bylaw exception permit allows construction outside of the specified hours. Download the form, view the bylaw, find the fees, and more.

Wastewater discharge permit (groundwater and contaminated sites)

This permit covers contaminated groundwater discharge during construction. Read the requirements, view the bylaw, download the application.

Operating permit

Operating permits help the City and health authorities track new and existing cooling towers, water features, and water systems.

Fire safety

Keeping yourself, your family, and your home safe from a fire. Get prevention tips, apply for fire permits and inspections, fill out a fire safety plan, and find out what to do after a fire.

Fire hydrant use permit

If you need to use a fire hydrant for a specific purpose, such as construction or filming, you will need a fire hydrant use permit. Find out what other requirments you must meet.

Traffic control for road construction

Find out about the traffic control measures needed when doing construction or maintenance on or next to City streets.

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