Cannabis retail stores

The sale of non-medical cannabis is now legal

All cannabis retail stores require a Provincial licence to operate in Vancouver, which is regulated and enforced by the BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch under the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act External website.

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Vancouver operators also require a municipal development permit and a municipal business licence. Compassion clubs are allowed to offer services but not sell cannabis.

For medical cannabis, refer to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) External website.

Businesses with issued permits and licences

Medical-marijuana-related retail stores and compassion clubs that have an existing City of Vancouver development permit must apply for a provincial cannabis retail store licence if they wish to operate.

Upon receipt of a provincial licence, retailers must obtain a new municipal business licence.

Regulations and jurisdiction

In June 2018, the federal government passed a bill to legalize recreational cannabis in Canada. The provincial government has provided new regulations for businesses to operate.

We've updated our Zoning and Development and our License bylaws to ensure Vancouver cannabis retailers operate in adherence to all regulations.

Read an overview of each level of government's jurisdiction.

Approved locations

Blue locations have a municipal development permit. Green locations have a municipal development permit, a provincial retail licence, and a municipal business licence.

Report a concern

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