How we build the budget

2018 Budget
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2018 Budget Highlights
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The annual budget is not just about revenues and expenditures. It reflects what Council, businesses, residents, and the community value.

Steps we follow to develop the budget

Date Step we take to develop the budget
May - July Establish Five-Year Financial Outlook (based on guiding principles for financial sustainability and targets for financial health)
July – September Develop Budget Outlook (provides Council with the context and factors that will influence the fiscal capacity of the City)
September – October Develop service plans(departments outline how they will use their budget dollars and include an overview of performance relating to the prior year)
October 3 Council reviews Budget Outlook
October Public engagement (helps inform staff and Council on investment priorities that are important to the public)
September – October Develop proposed budget
December 6

Council meeting – 2018 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan (presentation and speakers)

December 12 Council meeting – 2018 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan approval