Sewer crews walking through a construction site

Oakridge Trunk Sewer Upgrades

We are upgrading critical sewer infrastructure along sections of W 49th Avenue, W 46th Avenue, Tisdall Street, and Fremlin Street.

This project was initiated in response to multiple flooding events that occurred during August and September 2013, and June 2014. We will replace the existing Oakridge Trunk, installed in 1957, with a larger capacity and separated sewer system – one pipe for rainwater runoff and one pipe for sanitary sewer.

The new sewer will have a life expectancy of 100 years and will help to serve this growing neighbourhood.

Project details


  • W 49th Avenue, Cambie Street to Tisdall Street
  • Tisdall Street, W 49th Avenue to W 46th Avenue
  • W 46th Avenue, Tisdall Street to Fremlin Street
  • Fremlin Street, W 46th Avenue to W 43rd Avenue

Expected duration:

  • Start: March 2017
  • End: Late spring 2018

Hours of work:

  • Monday to Friday: 7:00am to 3:30pm
  • Weekends and extended hours as needed

Additional details regarding the construction schedule will be made available as the project progresses.

Section Estimated start Estimated end
W 49th Ave from Cambie to Tisdall St March 2017 September 2017
Tisdall St from W 49th Ave to W 46th Ave July 2017 January 2017
W 46th Ave from Tisdall to Willow Ave October 2017 January 2018
W 46th Ave from Willow to Fremlin St Late August 2017 January 2018
Fremlin St from W 46th Ave to W 43rd Ave Late August 2017 January 2018

How this project may affect you


During the week of August 21, construction will begin along W 46th Ave and along Fremlin St. The construction will result in:
  • Full closure of W 46th Ave from Willow to Fremlin St
  • Full closure of Fremlin St from W 43rd Ave to W 46th Ave 

During the first week of July, construction will begin along Tisdall St. The construction will result in:

  • Full closure of Tisdall St from W 49th to W 46th Ave
  • Restricted through-traffic and parking


During construction, changes to street parking will occur. Please ensure to watch for No Parking signs as work progresses.

Access to residences

Residential street access will be impacted by construction activities, but back lane access will be maintained.

Sidewalk access and pedestrian street crossings will be generally maintained and detoured as necessary.

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What is a trunk?

A sewer trunk line collects waste and storm water from smaller sewer lines.

Waste and storm water collected in the larger trunk eventually flows to the Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Richmond.  

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