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Aerial view of Cambie Bridge

Cambie Bridge improvements

The Transportation 2040 Plan, identified Cambie Bridge as an important priority project to improve walking and cycling comfort and safety. Cambie Bridge provides a critical link between BC’s two largest economic centres and high density neighbourhoods. 

Currently the east sidewalk is shared by pedestrians and cyclists. The sidewalk has become busier over the last decade, and conflicts have increased between people walking and cycling.

What we're aiming to do

  • Reduce conflicts between people walking and cycling on the shared-use path on the east side of the bridge
  • Improve safety and comfort for people of all-ages-and-abilities (AAA) cycling southbound across Cambie Bridge


We are proposing to install a new southbound protected bike lane on the west side of Cambie Bridge. Interim improvements will help relieve pressure on the east side shared-use path. Over the longer term, the sidewalk on the west side of the bridge ramp may be widened.

North end (Downtown)

  • Extend the east-bound protected bike lane on Nelson St to connect to the new protected bike lane on Cambie Bridge
  • Provide a bike crossing on Nelson St to connect the Beatty Street protected bike lane to the new protected bike lane on Cambie Bridge

South end (Olympic Village Station)

  • Extend and narrow the south-bound protected bike lane to single file along the westbound exit ramp
  • Connect the bike lane to the existing sidewalk at the south end of the exit ramp
  • Provide separation between people walking and cycling on the west side


  • Reallocate the west southbound curb lane to create a protected bike lane

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Walking and cycling volumes
Source: City of Vancouver Panel Survey, City of Vancouver vehicle counter data


The project was presented to Council for consideration in early 2018. Improvements will be constructed in spring 2018.

  • Phase 1

    Develop a detailed interim improvement design for the bridge

    February 2018 – Council approves interim bridge improvements

  • Phase 2

    Create a plan for construction and implementation

  • We are here
  • Phase 3

    Identify future improvements based on feedback and monitoring of the interim changes