People crossing Broadway at Cambie with a B-Line bus

Millennium Line Broadway Extension (Broadway Subway): in-depth

Our guiding principles

City Council unanimously approved these principles for the Broadway Corridor and UBC Line Rapid Transit Study on April 22, 2010.

Environmental sustainability

  1. Significantly support greenhouse gas reduction and related environmental targets and objectives established by the Province, regional agencies, and the City.

Financial affordability

  1. Provide an affordable, cost-effective, and timely rapid transit solution for both construction and operation over the long term.


  1. Provide transit capacity, service quality, and system resilience to support existing and future transit targets and objectives.
  2. Integrate rapid transit with walking, cycling, and local transit, while accommodating goods movement needs.

Urban development

  1. Serve existing and planned land use including major destinations, and help shape future land use policies including higher densities where appropriate.
  2. Provide a consistently high standard of urban design and amenity, and significantly improve the public realm for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users.

Economic development

  1. Promote a diverse, healthy and green economy, improve local access to major commercial and institutional destinations, and support the concentration of jobs on Central Broadway.

Social, community, and business

  1. Address the needs of local and regional transit users, neighbours and adjacent communities, and businesses.
  2. Minimize and mitigate construction and operation impacts.
  3. Provide opportunities for meaningful engagement of stakeholders and the general public.

Funding and regional transportation priorities

Visit TransLink’s 10 Year Plan website External website


Report and studies

TransLink’s UBC Line Rapid Transit Study evaluated over 200 potential rapid transit options for Broadway. The study found that a Millennium Line SkyTrain extension in a tunnel was the highest ranked option in every category. View the UBC Line Rapid Study findings and documents about the latest on the Broadway SkyTrain extension on the TransLink website:

Related plans and policies

Rapid transit in the Broadway Corridor has long been considered a key component of the region's transportation future, and is referenced in both City and regional strategic planning documents, including:

  • Transport 2021 (1993)
  • The Vancouver Transportation Plan (1997)
  • The Vancouver-UBC Area Transit Plan (2005)
  • The Provincial Transit Plan (2008)
  • Transport 2040 (2008)
  • Vancouver's Rapid Transit Principles for the Broadway Corridor (2010)
  • Metro Vancouver's Regional Growth Strategy (2011) (5 MB)

Beyond the B-Line

In 1999, TransLink and the City jointly funded and directed a study exploring rapid transit options in the Broadway Corridor. Alternatives were compared using a variety of factors, including customer service, cost effectiveness, and environmental and community impacts. Based on the study results, the City and TransLink recommended that the Millennium Line be extended in an underground tunnel west to Granville with a rapid bus connection to UBC.

Since then, ridership in the corridor has grown even faster than expected, due to job and population growth on the corridor, innovative programs such as U-Pass, and overall regional transit growth.