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Seniors, women, and youth


Maintaining a healthy, socially sustainable city is a priority for both Council and staff.

So it is important to give residents opportunities to interact with other members of their communities, and receive support and encouragement from community organizations and networks.

At the same time, community members need to enjoy safe, supportive, and healthy environments.

Programs that encourage inclusion and interaction

From recreational programming and networking for seniors, to anti-discrimination initiatives for youth, staff are working to ensure that all members of the communities that make up our city have a voice, have opportunities to engage with the city, and remain active and involved.

How the City supports all of our residents



Read about the City's programs and facilities that keep seniors active, engaged, and connected to the health and other care services they need.

Three woman posing for picture


Council is committed to making the City's services and resources accessible to all women and girls, and providing opportunities to participate in Vancouver's political, economic, cultural and social life.



City staff have a long history of working to make sure the voices of Vancouver's youth are heard and included. Learn about engagement opportunities for young people.

Find centres and services for women, seniors, and youth


BC211's "Redbook" is a complete online directory of programs and services in Vancouver for seniors, women, and youth.

Red Book Online

Visit the online portal for Vancouver's youth

Visit vancouveryouth.ca

Visit the VancouverYouth web portal to get involved with the community and interact with City Hall.

Vancouver Youth