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Find social and co-op housing in Vancouver

Non-market rental housing is available for Vancouver residents who are unable to pay market-level rents.

These subsidized apartment complexes are located throughout Vancouver, and consist of:

  • Public housing - owned and operated by government agencies
  • Non-profit housing - owned and operated by public and private non-profit groups
  • Co-operative housing - owned and managed by co-operative associations of the residents
  • Urban Native housing - owned and operated by non-profit groups, and targeted to Indigenous Peoples

Search Vancouver's non-market housing inventory

Housing staff keep a complete inventory of all of these non-market housing projects – both the buildings owned by the City, and the buildings provided by other agencies – so you can easily find any facility.

The inventory includes many details about each building, including:

  • Exact street address
  • Number of units it has
  • Types of units available (families, seniors, singles, etc.)
  • A photo
  • Name of the building's sponsor
  • Instructions and contact information for how to apply to live there

Ways you can search for co-op and subsidized housing

Search by neighbourhood

Get a complete list of all of the subsidized rental apartments in Vancouver, sorted by neighbourhood.

Search by provider

Get a list of all of the non-market (subsized and co-op) buildings in Vancouver operated by a specific organization, along with details of each building they operate.

Search by building

Get a list of the names of all of the buildings in Vancouver that offer non-market (subsidized and co-op) housing, then find details about any building on the list.

Opening soon: 95 East 1 Ave

Council recently approved Community Land Trust as the operator for 95 East 1st Ave. The building is anticipated to open in early January. The City is not involved in the tenanting process. 

If you’re interested in living there, pre-register online. Applicants who meet the pre-qualification requirements will receive a follow-up call in January for additional information and interviews. 

Pre-register now

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