You can make a difference in your city by donating to your favourite park or recreation activity.

In addition to financial contributions, you can also donate artwork and archival records.

Thank you for your generous donation and for helping to make Vancouver a better place to live!

Preserve parks

Support your favourite park

Make a donation to preserve your favourite community park.

Support recreation

Support your favourite recreation activity

Make a donation to improve recreation in your community.

Dedicate a park bench or picnic table

Dedicate a park bench or picnic table

Celebrate a special occasion or honour someone's legacy by dedicating a park bench or picnic table. We offer ten-year dedications or legacy, endowment-funded dedications.

Create a lasting legacy


Establish an endowment that creates an ongoing source of funding for your favourite park or recreation activity.

Recognizing our donors

Our donors

The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board wish to thank all of the people and organizations who donate to us.

Gifts to parks and recreation

Other donation opportunities

Donating securities and estate gifts

Including the Vancouver Park Board in your estate plans will help to preserve parks and recreation services for future generations to enjoy.

Worthy causes at the City

Give a gift to a worthy cause

Couple sitting on the steps at Stanley Park Pavillion AM1376-: CVA 1376-114

Donating records to the Archives

The City of Vancouver has been acquiring and preserving historical records since 1933. We collect both civic, government records, and records from businesses, individuals, and organizations in the private sector.

Donate and volunteer

Not everyone can be a pet owner, but everyone can be a pet lover. Find out how you can help Vancouver Animal Services take care of pets waiting for adoption.

Did you know?

Donations to municipalities are tax deductible.

Visit the Canada Revenue Agency to learn more

Tax receipts will be sent by mail for all donations of $25 or more. Tax receipts for gifts under $25 are mailed on request.

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