Douglas Park Playground

Douglas Park playground renewal

Construction of the renewed playground at Douglas Park will begin mid- March. 

The playground will be closed until the project is completed in July 2018.

Some of the improvements included in the design are:

  • New log tower with large slide
  • Accessible play equipment
  • A sand play area with water table
  • New paths with seating
  • A rebuilt zip line
  • Picnic tables
  • A quiet play/outdoor classroom
  • Playhouse
  • Basketball court improvements

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Here is our progress and planned steps to rebuild the playground.

  • Spring 2016

    Meet with Douglas Park Community Centre Association

    • We discussed the playground renewal.
  • June 11, 2016

    Raise awareness of the upgrade at Douglas Park Community Days

    • We promoted the playground upgrade and received initial comments from the community.
  • Summer 2016

    Develop the inital playground concept

  • October 13 2016

    Get community feedback on the initial concept

    • We held an open house at the Douglas Park Community Centre to present the initial concept and receive your feedback.
  • Winter 2016/
    Spring 2017

    Develop the refined playground concept

  • Summer

    Contractors bid on constructing new playground

  • We are here
  • October

    Close the existing playground and construction begins

  • July 2018

    Open the renewed playground

  • Summer 2018

    Official opening celebration

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David Yurkovich
Landscape Designer


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