Douglas Park Playground

Douglas Park playground renewal

The Vancouver Park Board will be rebuilding the playground in Douglas Park in 2017.

A concept for the new playground was on display at a recent open house at the Douglas Park Community Centre.  Many who attended were excited to discuss the potential features in the playground. Some of the improvements shown in the concept include:

  • New play structure with large slide
  • Accessible play equipment
  • A sand play area
  • New paths with seating
  • A zip line
  • Picnic tables
  • A quiet play/outdoor classroom
  • Playhouse

View the playground concept plan


Here is our progress and planned steps to rebuild the playground.

  • Spring 2016

    Meet with Douglas Park Community Centre Association

    • We discussed the playground renewal.
  • June 11, 2016

    Raise awareness of the upgrade at Douglas Park Community Days

    • We promoted the playground upgrade and received initial comments from the community.
  • Summer 2016

    Develop the inital playground concept

  • October 13 2016

    Get community feedback on the initial concept

    • We held an open house at the Douglas Park Community Centre to present the initial concept and receive your feedback.
  • Winter 2016/
    Spring 2017

    Develop the refined playground concept

  • We are here
  • Summer

    Contractors bid on constructing new playground

  • October

    Start construction and close the existing playground

  • Early 2018

    Open the renewed playground

  • June 2018

    Official opening celebration

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David Yurkovich
Landscape Designer


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