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Street and homeless outreach

Carnegie Community Centre's outreach program provides a measure of safety and assistance to at-risk street people in a non-judgmental, supportive way.

Our unique outreach program, the only one of its kind in BC, has been linking people to available social, health, and housing services since 1999.

Street and alley outreach

The street and alley outreach program provides additional safety to the most vulnerable individuals in the community, who are the least likely to access traditional social services.

Outreach staff patrol the alleys of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) weekday evenings, and 12 hours a day on weekends.

Staff offer:

  • Immediate assistance such as emergency first aid and emotional support
  • Harm reduction supplies such as needle exchange and safer sex supplies
  • Referrals to shelters, food, clothing, detox, and to health and addiction services

Our outreach staff can also accompany people to and from medical, legal, and addiction services.

Homeless outreach project

The homeless outreach team works with individuals without a fixed address who are not receiving social assistance, to 'fast-track' them onto welfare and into housing.

Homeless outreach staff work with the BC Ministry of Social Development through the provincial Homeless Outreach Project. Our partnership facilitates same-day turnaround of welfare benefits for our clients.

Our success builds on the relationship of trust we’ve built in the community through our street outreach work and recreational programming activities. Carnegie's homeless outreach project received the Premier’s Award in 2007 for excellence, and has since been extended to communities throughout BC by partner organizations.

Recreational programming

Outreach staff travel to agencies in the DTES, and provide activities. This helps us to build relationships with clients and staff on site, and foster partnerships with the service provider.

Programs are focused on supporting artistic expression, and social and community development, including:

  • Crafts and music
  • Educational workshops
  • Community kitchens

We provide programs to:

Peer mentorship

Our innovative peer mentorship project gives participants the opportunity to work side-by-side with Carnegie outreach staff.

Outcomes depend on participants' individual goals, and can include:

  • Regular employment
  • Job readiness skills
  • Increased health
  • Connection to social services

Through a mentor-based relationship, peers learn workplace modeling, leadership skills and harm reduction techniques. Staff achieve valuable understanding and perspective on clients’ needs.

The peer mentorship program contributes significantly to the outreach team's legitimacy and trust in the community.

Community projects

Since its start, the Carnegie outreach program has spearheaded projects to enhance our street environment, and provide a meaningful creative outlet to DTES residents.

We regularly participate in community events in partnership with the Carnegie Community Centre, Oppenheimer Park, and other local agencies providing staff and peer resources.

To get involved, visit the City of Vancouver employment web pages for job postings.

Contact the outreach team

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