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Archived - Jun 08Youth invited to weekend dialogue summit

First Nations, urban Aboriginal, immigrant and non-immigrant youth are invited to participate in a unique summit June 15-17, 2012 to address issues of shared interests including combatting stereotypes and misunderstanding, celebrating cultural diversity and forging new relationships.

Community Garden at City Hall

Archived - Jun 06Community gardens growing at record pace across the city

Last year was a record year for new community gardens in Vancouver, with the City announcing that 405 new garden plots were created in Vancouver in 2011.

Homelessness and housing

Archived - May 29Latest homeless count figures show numbers holding steady

The number of homeless in Vancouver is holding steady, according to a report received by City Council today outlining the results of the March 27 City of Vancouver count.

Bike to Work!

Archived - May 28Bike to Work Week: 28 May to 1 June

Bike to Work Week encourages avid cyclists and new riders alike to sign up, log their commutes, win prizes, and be a part of making Metro Vancouver a better place to live, work and play.

VIVA Vancouver: transforming street spaces to people spaces

Archived - May 15VIVA Vancouver returns: Transforming street spaces to people spaces

Granville Street and Robson Square among key areas to be activated for people to enjoy public spaces. Watch for VIVA Vancouver events in your neighbourhood.


Archived - May 14Celebrate Vancouver’s fine tap water during Drinking Water Week

Celebrate Vancouver’s fine tap water during Drinking Water Week 2012.

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