Rezoning applications and procedures

The City's Zoning and Development Bylaw - along with the Land Use and Development Policies and Guidelines - help shape Vancouver, and make our communities more liveable.

They legally define the type of development that is permitted across all areas of the city.

A rezoning is a legal change to the bylaw to permit an alternate type of development.

Rezoning is either initiated by City staff following a change in policy for an area, or by the public, through a rezoning application submitted by a developer.

Council makes all decisions regarding changes to bylaws.

Note As of January 1, 2018, the fee to review drawings and provide comments on your proposed rezoning is $3,620 ($362 for incorporated non-profit societies).

As part of your rezoning enquiry, you will also need to complete an application for rezoning advice.

Shaping land use in the city

How rezoning works

Learn about the rezoning process in Vancouver, and find out the different ways a specific property can be rezoned.

Get your site's zoning changed

Enquire about and apply for rezoning

Learn the steps to submitting a rezoning application, and get the information you need to start the application process.

In your neighbourhood

Find a rezoning application

Find the details for all new rezoning applications, including information about upcoming community open houses.

Express your opinion about a rezoning application near you

Attend a public hearing

Before a rezoning application is approved, it is referred to a public hearing, which is a special meeting of Council generally held once per month. Members of the public may speak at this meeting.

Contact Planning Information


How rezoning worksEnquire about and apply for rezoningFind a rezoning applicationAttend a public hearing