Illustration of Pearson Plaza and the YMCA in the redeveloped Pearson Dogwood lands

Pearson Dogwood lands rezoning application and policy statement

The Pearson Dogwood lands are a 10-hectare (25.4-acre) property bounded by West 57th Ave (to the north), Cambie St (east), West 59th Ave (south), and Heather St (west).

The site owners, Onni Group (developer) and Vancouver Coastal Health, applied in January 2016 to rezone and develop the property into a mixed-use community. 

The rezoning and development proposal is based on the Pearson Dogwood Policy Statement approved by City Council in 2014.

Rezoning application

Compare the site now with the rezoning proposal

The illustration of the proposed development concept represents one interpretation of the Pearson Dogwood Policy Statement.

2013 image of the Pearson Dogwood site by Landsat for Google Earth Built form of the Pearson Dogwood site rezoning proposal

Before image by Google Earth. After image by Onni and VCH.

The site now The rezoning proposal
  1. Pearson Centre, a home to adults with a range of physical disabilities operated by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)
  2. Dogwood Lodge, housing for seniors who require complex care operated by VCH
  3. Stan Stronge therapeutic pool
  4. BC Ambulance Services station
  5. Open green space, mature trees, and a one-acre urban farm
  6. Surface parking lots
  1. Building heights between 3 and 28 storeys
  2. Housing units (market strata, market rental and affordable rental)
  3. Replacement housing for George Pearson Centre (114 units)
  4. Replacement facility for Dogwood Lodge (144 beds)
  5. Retail and commercial space
  6. Community Health Centre
  7. Adult Day Care facility
  8. 69-space child care facility
  9. 2.5-acre City park, public open space, and a one-acre urban farm
  10. YMCA facility with a 25 m pool and a therapeutic pool
  11. BC Ambulance Services station
  12. A potential future Canada Line station

What's happening?

March 2016

We asked what you thought about the rezoning application for Pearson Dogwood in an online questionnaire.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts. We're currently analyzing the feedback we received and will provide a summary soon.

February 2016

We held two open houses on February 23 and 27 with the applicant team for you to learn about the rezoning application and ask questions. View the display boards:

Next steps

We'll use feedback from the open houses and online questionnaire to help evaluate and review the rezoning application.

We expect to refer the rezoning application to City Council for a decision at a public hearing in late 2016 or early 2017.

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Policy statement

In 2014, City Council approved the Pearson Dogwood Policy Statement to guide the future redevelopment of the site. We developed the policy statement over a year-long collaborative planning process with help from VCH and the surrounding community.

The policy statement set principles and objectives for:

  • Land use
  • Density
  • Building forms and heights
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Community amenities
  • Transportation
  • Sustainability

Pearson Dogwood participants at our February 2013 open house about goals and objectives for the policy statement

Contact the rezoning team

Yardley McNeill
Project Manager


Policy statement