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Use our app to report noise

Noise is part of urban life, but too much noise is disruptive and harmful.

How much noise is too much? Our Noise Control Bylaw defines how much noise is acceptable, based on:

  • Where you are
  • Where the noise is coming from
  • What is making the noise
  • What time and day the noise is occurring

 For noise concerns in parks, or if the type of noise you would like to report is not listed in the form below, see other ways to report noise.

Read the bylaw

Noise Control Bylaw

Regulates noise or sound within the City of Vancouver.

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Other ways to report noise

If you experience excess noise, you can get help, but be aware that several agencies deal with noise issues.

Get help after hours

If the City helps with your noise issue and today is a:

  • Weekday after 4:30pm
  • Weekend anytime
  • Holiday anytime

then contact the Vancouver Police Department at their non-emergency number. The Police assist with noise concerns, when resources are available.

Vancouver Police