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Get bins, boxes, bags, and stickers

Garbage, food scraps, yard waste, and recycling must be set out in proper containers or it will not be collected. 

Make sure you have the bins and bags you need before your next collection day.  

Garbage bins and green bins

Garbage bins and green bins

Order a garbage or green bin, and find suggested sizes for your needs. Order more bins, change the size of your bin, exchange or repair damaged bins.

Stickers for extra garbage bags

If you have extra garbage that will not fit in your garbage bin, place your excess garbage in a bag, buy and put an "extra garbage sticker" on the bag.

Recycling boxes and bags for single family homes and duplexes

To request a replacement blue box, grey box, or yellow bag, contact Smithrite Disposal Ltd. directly to arrange for delivery: 

Smithrite Disposal Ltd. 
Phone: 604-282-7966
Email: recycle@smithrite.com 

As of October 3, 2016 recycling collection services for single family homes and duplexes are provided by Smithrite Disposal Ltd. on behalf of Multi-Material BC.

We no longer collect curbside recycling or distribute recycling containers.

Learn more about the MMBC curbside recycling program

Recycling carts for multi-family buildings

To replace recycling carts in multi-family buildings, building managers must contact their recycling service provider directly. 

As of October 3, 2016, recycling collection services for the majority of multi-family buildings are now provided by Waste Management Canada on behalf of Multi-Material BC (MMBC). 

Waste Management Canada 
Phone: 604-282-7961

Learn more about the MMBC multi-family recycling program

Garbage bins and green binsStickers for extra garbage bags