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Bid committee decisions

Our bid committee consists of the city manager, the director of finance, and voting department heads.

The committee is authorized to make an award in respect of a bid call of $500,000 or more, if:

  1. The chief purchasing official, after consulting with the voting department head, has recommended the award
  2. All voting members of the bid committee who are present at the meeting vote in favor of the award

Bid committee decision reports


Solicitation # Description Document
PS20161595 Contractor for Library Square elevator modernization Decision report  (104 KB)
PS20161799 Design and construction of Vancouver Aquatic Centre dock replacement Decision report  (104 KB)
PS20150522 Provision of Asphalt Milling Decision report  (115 KB)
PS20160469 Supply and delivery of Hose Reel Trailer System Decision report  (119 KB)
PS20161054 Contractor for Vancouver Landfill preloading Decision report  (108 KB)
PS20160798 Contractor for Vancouver South Transfer Station site improvements Decision report  (136 KB)
PS20160123 Contractor for NEU Energy Transfer Station expansion Decision report  (132 KB)
PS20160046 Consulting services for sewer separation design Decision report PDF file (144 KB)
PS20160851 Consultant for Parks and Recreation master plan Decision report PDF file (131 KB)
PS20160799 Contractor for buried district heating piping for the NEU Decision report PDF file (130 KB)
PS20160689 Contractor for redevelopment of the Vancouver Art Gallery north plaza Decision report PDF file (134 KB)
PS20160468 Contractor for construction of Fire Hall No. 5 and social housing Decision report PDF file (131 KB)
PS20160348 Design build of rigging system at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Decision report PDF file (128 KB)
PS20160293 Supply and installation of synthetic turf at Oak Meadows Park and Kerrisdale Park Decision report PDF file (136 KB)
PS20151937 Design and contract administration for Phase 2 of the East Fraser Lands development Decision report PDF file (134 KB)
PS20160726 Contractor for East wing Annex deconstruction Decision report PDF file (137 KB)
PS20160558 Contractor to upgrade seismic capacity of West Annex building Decision report PDF file (136 KB)


Supply, delivery, maintenance and care of structural firefighting protective clothing Decision report PDF file (135 KB)

Supply and delivery of bulldozers

Decision report PDF file (150 KB)
PS20160345 Contractor for roofing service for 8383 Manitoba st. Decision report PDF file (138 KB)
PS20151805 Architectural consulting services for Roddan Lodge Decision report PDF file (139 KB)
PS20160005 Supply and delivery of office supplies Decision report PDF file (129 KB)
PS20152055 Contractor for Transfer Station odor and dust control Decision report PDF file (129 KB)
PS20152045 Architectural services for Fire Hall 17 Decision report PDF file (131 KB)
PS20152044 Contractor for VPD renovations Decision report PDF file (129 KB)
PS20151724 Contractor for trenchless sewer construction Decision report PDF file (129 KB)
PS20151185 Contractor for construction of sewer seperation Decision report PDF file (107 KB)
PS20151183 Contractor for the M float construction Decision report PDF file (128 KB)
PS20151633 Contractor for renovation of VECC greenhouse Decision report PDF file (129 KB)
PS20150238 Design build for Killarney Senior Centre Decision report  (134 KB)
PS20151454 Contractor for Burrard Bridge Rehabilitation Decision report  (132 KB)
PS20151891 Construction Services for New Fieldhouse at Oak Meadows Park Decision report PDF file (140 KB)


Solicitation # Description Document
PS20140891 Supply of Chinatown dragon fixtures Decision report PDF file (170 KB)
PS20151095 Construction services for Vancouver Landfill (gas works) Decision report PDF file (131 KB)
PS20150431 Provision of armoured car services Decision report PDF file (123 KB)
PS20150583 Contractor for CNG service modifications Decision report PDF file (42 KB)
PS20150623 Contractor for construction of storage sheds Decision report PDF file (129 KB)
PS20150443 Contractor for waterproofing Vancouver Art Gallery Decision report PDF file (43 KB)
PS20140333 Contractor for Landfill services Decision report PDF file (170 KB)
PS20140533 General excavated materials loading and hauling Decision report PDF file (160 KB)
PS20140745 Supply and delivery of heavy duty fire apparatus Decision report PDF file (180 KB)
PS20140836 Supply and delivery of light duty vehicles Decision report PDF file (145 KB)
PS20140815 Supply and delivery of small equipment rentals Decision report PDF file (44 KB)
PS20141083 Provision of public Wi-Fi services Decision report PDF file (140 KB)
PS20141059 Re-roofing of six buildings Decision report PDF file (131 KB)
PS20140734 Supply and delivery of cutting and coring services Decision report PDF file (110 KB)
PS20150269 Supply, delivery, and installation of engineered floats and a gangway Decision report PDF file (127 KB)
PS20150064 Supply and delivery of sign making materials Decision report PDF file (125 KB)
PS20150071 Contractor for buried district heating piping at the NEU Decision report PDF file (130 KB)
PS20150168 Supply and delivery of fire hydrants and waterworks gate valves Decision report PDF file (135 KB)
PS20150170 Processing and marketing of scrap metal Decision report PDF file (135 KB)
PS20150508 Supply and delivery of janitorial supplies Decision report PDF file (179 KB)
PS20150622 Roadway and soil remediation Decision report PDF file (143 KB)
PS20150710 Supply and delivery of pool chemicals Decision report PDF file (30 KB)
PS20150910 Public bike share Decision report PDF file 178 KB)
PS20150946 Supply and delivery of fertilizer Decision report PDF file (140 KB)


Solicitation # Description Document
PS20140013 Supply and delivery of lumber Decision report PDF file (60 KB)
PS20140568 Water main supply and installation Decision report PDF file (80 KB)
PS20140135 Supply and delivery of uniform Decision report PDF file (104 KB)